The Research Council has umbrella responsibility for research development and coordination within the College of Medicine (COM).  The Research Council advises the Executive Associate Dean for Research on all matters which it considers significantly related the efficient and effect function of the College’s research missions.  In addition to its advisory role, the Research Council:  1) reviews applications for intramural pilot and bridging grants, 2) reviews Core Facilities, and 3) reviews proposed campus policies and revisions to existing policies that have the potential to impact the College’s research mission. The Research Council is to keep College faculty informed broadly about college‑level, campus and University events of importance to the research community.

Research Council members, with full voting privileges, are selected from the COM faculty and appointed by the Executive Associate Dean for Research. The membership is representative of the breadth of research conducted within the COM with a balance of basic, clinical and translational investigators.

The Chair and Chair-Elect of the COM Research Council shall be elected from among the voting membership annually. The Chair-Elect shall rise to the position of Chair the following year.

The COM Executive Associate Dean for Research and the Chair of the Research Council may invite others to take part in Research Council meetings as appropriate.


View the Research Council Minutes (intranet link)

Members (voting):

John Arthur, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Giulia Baldini, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Nicola Edge, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Craig Forrest, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Ekaterina Galanzha, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Sc., Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

Teresa Hudson, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Vladimir Lupashin, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Angus Macnicol, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Neurobiology and Developmental Science

Stavros Manolagas, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Pearl McElfish, Ph.D., M.B.A., Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Charles O’Brien, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Medicine

Eric Peterson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Analiz Rodriguez, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics

David Ussery, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics

Michael Wilson, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine


Ex Officio Members (non-voting):

Sean Adams, Ph.D., Director, Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center

Suzanne Alstadt, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Westley Ashley, J.D., Assistant Director, Conflict of Interest

Jon Blevins, Ph.D., Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee

Karl Boehme, Ph.D., COM Representative on UAMS Research Committee

Alene Denson, Director of Grants Accounting, Department of Finance

William Gentry, M.D., Director, Clinician Scientist Program

Nancy Gray, Ph.D., Director, Bioventures

Laura James, M.D., Director, Translational Research Institute

Open, President, Arkansas Children’s Research Institute

Robert McGehee, Ph.D., Dean, Graduate School

Rebecca Nickleson, Director, Office of Research Information Systems

Richard R. Owen, M.D., Associate Chief of Staff for Research, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System

Edith Paal, Director, Institutional Review Board

Renee Raines, Assistant Dean for Administration, College of Medicine

Dari Scalzo, Research Compliance Officer

Tyrone Stephens, Director of OSPAN

Alan Tackett, Ph.D., Director of Research, Cancer Institute

Jerry Ware, Ph.D., Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee