College of Medicine, Office of Research, Intramural Funding opportunities: 

  • 1-2-3 GO will enable rapid distribution of crucial seed funding for innovative, new, multidisciplinary research collaborations that may lead to discoveries with strong potential for federal funding and commercialization.
  • Pilot Study Grants are designed to support new research projects. New investigators, senior investigators , or collaborative groups entering a new area of research are encouraged to apply.
  • Bridging / Interim Funding Grants provide bridging support to investigators who have missed the pay line for a competitive renewal of a federal grant.
  • UAMS Equipment Grants provide a mechanism for faculty at the main and northwest Arkansas campuses to obtain new and replacement research equipment/ instrumentation for shared use.
  • Hornick Endowment Grants are designed to promote research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of stroke and related disorders.
  • Sturgis Foundation Grants are designed to promote research in diabetes and diabetes related conditions.
  • Final Reports: In order to evaluate the effectiveness of its intramural programs, the Research Council requires that all intramural grant recipients submit a Final Report. This Final Report is due within three months of the end of the award period. No applicant shall be eligible for further intramural awards without submission of a Final Report. After the conclusion of the award, and for two subsequent years, the awardee will submit to the Office of Research, publications, grant applications and awarded grants that were derived from the award.

Download the intramural awards final report template.

For questions contact, Ashley Gregory, MBA, Program Manager, COM Office of Research at 501-686-5322 or email: