1-2-3 GO

Program Introduction


The UAMS College of Medicine is launching an exciting program called 1-2-3 GO  (1-2-3 Grant Opportunity) to enable rapid distribution of crucial seed funding for innovative, new, multidisciplinary research collaborations that may lead to discoveries with strong potential for federal funding and commercialization.

1-2-3 GO will circumvent the conventional grant review process, which represents a big hurdle for a new team of investigators with a great idea but no preliminary data. It will create new opportunities for the next generation of researchers to experience multidisciplinary, collaborative research.

This program is as simple as 1-2-3 go. In Step 1, a UAMS faculty member proposes a project on the 1-2-3 GO website. Step 2 is building a team of three faculty and one trainee from at least two different academic units such as COM departments or divisions, UAMS colleges, or UA system campuses. Step 3 is selection for funding and quarterly meetings of the 1-2-3 GO project teams to share successes and enjoy input from other teams.

Program Purpose To provide the rapid distribution of seed-funding to self-organized, multi-disciplinary teams of faculty to rapidly pursue new innovative research projects with strong potential for federal funding and commercialization.


·       The proposed line of investigation must be a new research project that has not previously received funding (intramural or extramural).

·       The Project Leader must be a UAMS faculty member.

·       A faculty member can only participate in a single project. All research-active faculty members have a voucher for $25,000 to support their team.

·       Project teams must be interdisciplinary, consisting of faculty members who have not collaborated in the past 2 years (no co-authorships or shared grant funding) and a trainee (graduate or professional student, or undergraduate student).

·       Project teams must include 3 faculty members from at least 2 different units.  A unit is defined as a UAMS COM department or division, UAMS college, or UA System campus.

·       Teams will participate in quarterly 1-2-3 GO all-team meetings to share innovations and exchange ideas.

·       Teams will apply for the FastPace Course offered by Arkansas BioVentures in April 2021, which will provide a skillset to evaluate early-stage biomedical discoveries for commercialization potential.


Key Dates


Due Date

March 1, 2021
Award Date March 12, 2021


Funding ·     All research-active faculty have a voucher of $25,000 in value, redeemable upon project funding.  Thus, each project team is funded for $75,000.
Award Budget ·       Budgets are not required unless the project is funded. In this case, the Project Leader will be required to submit a budget totaling $75,000.

·       Faculty salaries and consultant costs are not allowable expenses.

·       Part of the budget must fund a trainee. Alternatively, a currently funded trainee must be actively involved in the project and their role documented.

·       The remainder of the funding is flexible (supplies, technical support, research-related travel, equipment, subject incentives, research core facility expenses, animal expenses, etc.)

·       Travel is capped at $2,500. Clearly stated and well justified travel costs for clinical/community research may be exempt from the cap.

·       Equipment specifically needed but unavailable for the study is an allowable cost, but is capped at $5,000.

Award Project Period ·     12 months maximum.  All funds must be expended by the end of the project period. Carryforward and extensions are not allowed.
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