Sturgis Foundation Grants

Program Purpose The Sturgis Foundation grant program provides funding for diabetes and diabetes-related research.  The Program seeks to fund outstanding research that advances our understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of diabetes, and of the numerous complications resulting from this disease. A major objective of the Sturgis grant program is to provide seed money to initiate a project and acquire the necessary preliminary data for submission of a major extramural grant application to a federal agency or national foundation. This grant mechanism will support investigator-initiated research conducted by faculty in the UAMS COM.
Eligibility Requirements Open to current UAMS COM faculty only. The project proposal must clearly explain how the project relates to diabetes or the complications of diabetes and must be feasible for completion in a 12-month period. Multiple Sturgis awards held concurrently are not allowable.

 Key Dates

Application Due Date October 15 of each calendar year
Award Date January 1  of following calendar year

 Award Information

Funding The funding is provided by the Sturgis Foundation and administered by the UAMS College of Medicine, Office of Research. The COM Research Council reviews applications and submits its recommendation to the COM Executive Associate Dean for Research.  The COM Executive Associate Dean makes final funding decisions.
Award Budget Typical award amounts are $25,000 for a 12-month period, but outstanding applications with well-justified budgets over $25,000 will be considered.  The number of awards made each year will depend on the available funding and the number of meritorious applications.
Award Project Period 12 months maximum. All funds must be expended by the end of the project period. Carryforward and extensions are not allowed.

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